Dance World

A prominent ballroom in Nashville wanted to update their site. I focused on making it appealing to new customers, hopefully answering all of their questions in concise and easy-to-find style.

danceworldtn.com →

More examples:

  1. Dance World » Full Homepage
  2. Dance World » Lessons
  3. Dance World » Find Us

Run To Rescue

My brother Dean was involved with organizing this fundraiser for the Prague, Neb. Rescue Squad. I donated my work and used it as an opportunity to experiment with column-based layouts and some newer CSS features.

run2rescue.org →

More examples:

  1. Run To Rescue » Homepage - middle
  2. Run To Rescue » Results Page

Juanita Simanekova 2011

I redesigned my wife’s website this year. I think it looks very classy and striking, but I still need to make it “responsive”.

simanekova.com →

More examples:

  1. Simanekova - Lessons
  2. Simanekova - News
  3. Simanekova - News Detail
  4. Simanekova - Videos
  5. Simanekova - Videos Detail

James Bockelman

Mr. Bockelman teaches a variety of fine art classes at Concordia University in Seward, Neb. and is also a professional painter. Together we designed an elegant online showcase for his work.

jbockelman.com →

More examples:

  1. Bockelman » Statements about specific collections
  2. Bockelman » View large examples of each work


SweeTess is a small Georgia-based company that sells stevia-based sweetener products. I designed the site (with a dash of illustration), created the site markup and used WordPress as their CMS.

More examples:

  1. SweeTess » Products
  2. SweeTess » Products » WOW! Sweetener
  3. SweeTess » About Stevia
  4. SweeTess » Blog
  5. SweeTess » Recipes » Lemonade

Toberlin Photography

This small business site was built from the ground up with PHP, (X)HTML and CSS. I used this project as an opportunity to get familiar with Textpattern, a free and open-source content management system.

www.toberlinphotography.com →

More examples:

  1. Toberlin Photography Recent Weddings
  2. Toberlin Photography Portfolio 1
  3. Toberlin Photography Portfolio 2
  4. Toberlin Photography Portfolio 3
  5. Toberlin Photography Rates
  6. Toberlin Photography Contact

AccuCut Website & E-mails
AccuCut Homepage

My work at AccuCut was split between focusing on the design and the overall management of site assets. In collaboration with my Creative Director and the Marketing Director I made some broad improvements in file organization, site functionality and design within the existing site template.

www.accucut.com →

More examples:

  1. AccuCut: How To
  2. AccuCut: Catalog Request
  3. AccuCut: Catalog Request - Education Catalogs
  4. AccuCut E-mail 1
  5. AccuCut E-mail 2
  6. AccuCut E-mail 3
  7. AccuCut E-mail 4

HTML Character Chart

This HTML character chart tool is powered by PHP, JavaScript, XML and XSLT. This is an ongoing project in user interface design.

Try It Out →

More examples:

  1. HTML Characters 2
  2. HTML Characters 3
  3. HTML Characters 4

Country Weekly Magazine
Buffalo Dust Book

My work at Country Weekly has a lot to do with their website, but I am also a part of the magazine layout process.

More examples:

  1. 2-page spread featuring David Nail
  2. 4-page article featuring Darryl Worley, pages 1-2
  3. 4-page article featuring Darryl Worley, pages 3-4
  4. 3-page article featuring Justin Moore, pages 1-2
  5. 3-page article featuring Justin Moore, page 3
  6. Design at a magazine is always a group effort, but this updated Word Search layout is mostly my work.

iMARK Tradeshow Signs
iMARK Tradeshow Signs

iMARK is a sister company of AccuCut. These eight foot tall signs were created for the iMARK booth at professional photography tradeshows.

Mannheim Steamroller Halloween Book

This seasonal book was created by Chip Davis to complement an album of Mannheim Steamroller Halloween music. I was responsible for the design of the book interior including some illustrations.

More examples:

  1. Opening pages
  2. Chapter opening
  3. Interior spread
  4. Special Features

Halloween Flyer
Mannheim Steamroller Halloween Book

A custom die cut and fun graphics made this B-to-B promotional for the Halloween book a fun project.

More examples:

  1. Halloween Flyer 2
  2. Halloween Flyer 3
  3. Halloween Flyer 4

Shocking Country Stories

While predominantly being in charge of the Country Weekly website, I occasionally get an opportunity to illustrate for the magazine. Jerry Holthouse was the Creative Director, Chris Allen was the designer and I created the illustrations with ink drawings colored in Photoshop.

More examples:

  1. Shocking Stories v1, pages 2 and 3
  2. Shocking Stories v1, page 4
  3. The log that Lorrie Morgan Threw Into a Window
  4. Johnny Cash Kick
  5. Willie Nelson
  6. Shocking Stories v2, page 1
  7. Shocking Stories v2, pages 2 and 3
  8. Shocking Stories v2, page 4
  9. Porter and Dolly Breakup
  10. Hank Williams Jr.
  11. The mountain that Hank Jr. fell down
  12. Big Ambulance

Design The Hand You’re Dealt
Ace of Hearts

The world’s first ever deck of cards design competition by the Nebraska AIGA. Three of my five designs were accepted for the deck. Unique among most of the entries, my cards were hand illustrated.

See the whole deck! →

More examples:

  1. Four of Spades
  2. Four of Clubs