CropMetrics App Icon Design

AgInsider Icon and App Mockup

Actual size: 320 × 240 px

CropMetrics hired me to design an app icon for their Blackberry app, AgInsider. Though the images you see here are high resolution, the target Blackberry display dimensions at the time were 320 × 240 pixels.

The image is of a bare aftermarket stereo which was a common way to install a stereo in an old tractor. I saw many stereos crudely installed in the cabs of tractors or on the rear wheel fender of tractors without cabs. The app was supposed to make crop market information easy to access on the go, which is what the radio did in the tractor for decades.

The icons in this mockup are from the Tango icon set commonly used on desktop Linux.

AgInsider Tractor Icon

This tractor icon was an early concept for the app icon. It ended up being a little too general for the suite of agriculture-related apps that they might eventually develop.