Illustration Portfolio of Jason Simanek

The Writers Room Podcast

I created the artwork for the Nash Country Weekly podcast series The Writers Room. However, everything inside of the large “N” is Chris Allen’s handywork.

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Pumpkin Faces Sticker Pack

I created this sticker pack for iOS based on some jack-o-lantern illustrations I had created in previous years.

I was fascinated by the smartphone app store phenomenon, but I din’t have any experience with app development. When the iOS “sticker pack” feature was introduced it seemed like a way for me to get familiar with the foundations of app development and deployment while using my creative and design skills.

Pumpkin Faces

Country Music Festival Guide

I created this photo montage for Country Weekly’s 2015 Summer Country Music Festival Guide from available performance photos and my own photos of festival crowds from the previous summer.

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See 2015 festival guide

CropMetrics App Icon

Way, way back in 2010 people were still writing apps for the Blackberry platform. A company called CropMetrics that specializes in improving agricultural irrigation efficiency and precision asked me to design an icon for their Blackberry app, AgInsider.

Read more about the icon design I created for CropMetrics.

Shocking Country Stories

While predominantly being in charge of the Country Weekly website, I occasionally get an opportunity to illustrate for the magazine. Jerry Holthouse was the Creative Director, Chris Allen was the designer and I created the illustrations with ink drawings colored in Photoshop.

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Design The Hand You’re Dealt

Ace of Hearts

The world’s first ever deck of cards design competition by the Nebraska AIGA. Three of my five designs were accepted for the deck. Unique among most of the entries, my cards were hand illustrated.

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