Web Design Portfolio of Jason Simanek

Nash Country Daily

After Country Weekly magazine folded, a subset of the staff was kept on to create a new country music news website, Nash Country Daily. I worked with an existing WordPress theme to create a unique website design for the new venture.

Read more about my work on the Nash Country Daily website


Gramps Website

Gramps is a free software project and community that produces a genealogy program that is both intuitive for hobbyists and feature-complete for professional genealogists. I helped them create a new website to improve upon their existing Wikimedia-based website.

Read more about my work for the Gramps website


Dancers Cup Tour 2015 Dance Camp

The Dancers Cup Tour is an organization of several ballroom dance competition owners. This is the first year that they are putting on this dance camp. I adapted and refined an existing “disco ball” design that they had used on earlier printed materials. For the website I created a mobile-first responisve design that presents the event details in an attractive and elegant fashion.

Read more about my work for the DCT Dance Camp.


Country Weekly Website

Though I did not create this site design, I have spent the last few years steadily improving it via CSS as well as clearly written update requests with design mockups submitted to the web development team that existed at the time.

Read more about my work on the Country Weekly website.

Country Weekly Responsive Subscription Form

This special subscription form was designed for the 2012 Country Throwdown tour. We were planning to promote subscriptions during the tour and for that reason I worked to make the entry form page responsive and mobile-friendly.

Read more about my work for this responsive Country Weekly subscription page.

Dance World of Nashville

A prominent ballroom in Nashville wanted to update its site. I focused on making it appealing to new customers and answering all of their questions in concise and easy-to-find style.

Read more about my work for Dance World of Nashville.


Run To Rescue

My brother Dean was involved with organizing this fundraiser for the Prague, Neb., Rescue Squad. I donate my work every year and use the project as an opportunity to experiment with column-based layouts and some newer CSS features while keeping their target audience in mind.

Read more about my work for Run To Rescue.


Juanita Simanekova 2012

I redesigned my wife’s website in 2012. The site is designed to be as classy and striking as its subject! The upcoming redesign will be an evolution of this style to a responsive design solution.

Read more about my work for my beautiful, hard-working and patient wife.


James Bockelman

Mr. Bockelman teaches a variety of fine art classes at Concordia University in Seward, Neb. and is also a professional painter. Together we designed an elegant online showcase for his work.


More examples:

  1. Bockelman » Statements about specific collections
  2. Bockelman » View large examples of each work


SweeTess is a small Georgia-based company that sells stevia-based sweetener products. I designed and illustrated the site and created the site markup as a WordPress theme.

Read more about my work for SweeTess.

AccuCut Website & E-mails

AccuCut Homepage

My work at AccuCut was split between the design of printed assets and the design and management of website assets and newsletters. In collaboration with my Creative Director and the Marketing Director, I made some broad improvements in file organization, site functionality and design within the existing site template.

Read more about my work for AccuCut.

HTML Character Chart

This HTML character chart tool is powered by PHP, JavaScript, XML and XSLT. This is an ongoing project in user interface design.

In hindsight, committing time to learning XSLT was not a smart choice for my career goals. However, it’s still cool to have an XML file storing my giant catalog of character data rather than all of it being strewn about in a complex HTML file.

Whether it’s XSLT or other forms of server-side scripting, the principals of writing efficient web templates are the same.

Read more about my HTML Character Chart.

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